Kava vs Kratom , Side by Side Comparison

Kava vs Kratom

In the 21st century and especially during times of Covid-19, people all over the world are becoming more and more health-conscious. This drive to live a healthier life has led to people opening up their minds about several herbal substances which were previously shunned and considered taboo.

Two such plants are the mitragyna speciosa plant and the kava plant. In recent times the demand for both of these miraculous herbs has grown exponentially all over the world. With the ever-growing demand, there has also been an influx of brands that claim to host a selection of the most authentic kava and Kratom.

Amidst this rush of brands, information, and research, a common misconception of kava and Kratom being the same has risen. To answer the question of what is the difference between Kava and Kratom, we will put both the plants side by side and tell you every way in which they are different.

What is Kratom?

To compare both the plants, one first needs to know what each plant is. Kratom or Ketum belongs to the Rubiaceae or coffee family of plants and is native to Southeast Asia. Kratom has a history of being used by farmers in Thailand long before it got popular in the western world. While native users of Kratom tend to chew the leaves and ingest them directly, in the western world, Kratom is often prepared in the liquid form of a tea or tincture before consumption.

What is Kava?

On the opposite end of Kratom, you have the Kava plant which is a member of the pepper family of plants. Native to countries like Fiji and Indonesia, ‘kava,’ is prepared from the roots of the kava plant. There are numerous ways in which you can consume kava ranging from drinking it as tea on a cold afternoon or fixing yourself a fancy drink with kava and coconut milk. Kava is one of those herbs which has a host of potential health benefits but it is used both socially and recreationally. For instance, kava within the U.S is also used in certain baked items.

How are Kava and Kratom different?

Now that you know what each of these herbs is, we can dive into the question of what is the difference between Kava and Kratom. Following are the key aspects in which the two herbs differ from each other:

Pharmacology and Chemical Structure

One of the key differences to note between any herb or plant is its chemical structure and components. Naturally, if the chemical structure is different the herbs would affect you differently.


The distinction in legality for both these herbs is one of the major differences between Kratom and Kava.

Addictive Potential

The final key difference between Kratom and Kava is with regards to their potential to create a dependency.


All in all, after reading this you would have the answer to your question of what is the difference between kava and Kratom. One more question that you should know the answer to is where you should buy such herbs from. The answer for this however is simple as The Kratom Store is where you get the biggest variety and the most authentic Kratom products. All products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities and are tested to be 100% safe to consume. No matter what strain or product you need, The Kratom Store is your one-stop-shop for your mitragyna needs.

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