Kratom Extracts

In the world of mitragyna, while all other types of products boast accessibility or ease of use, there is one type of product whose main feature is potency and that is Kratom extract. Perfect for veterans, Kratom extracts might be a bit too intense for beginner users of Kratom since extracts are 4 times stronger than your average Kratom powder. When it comes to the extraction methods utilized for Kratom extracts, they are different for both dry extracts and liquid extracts. 

At Kratom Kava Bar, our methods of preparation and extraction are devised and improvised after careful research on what produces the best kratom extracts. Whether it be a liquid extract or extract powder, the efficacy of our products and their quality will speak for itself. The whole purpose of Kratom extracts is to make the alkaloids present in the Kratom plant such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine more prominent and that is exactly what we keep in mind when preparing our extracts.

The Best Kratom Extracts for Sale

At Kratom Kava Bar, you will find our custom blends of Kratom extracts such as our popular Black Diamond Powder Extract or our Gold Crystal Powder Extract. All of these extracts are available in quantities of 10g to 40g for powders and 1to 4bottles for liquid extracts.

 To set the dosage of Kratom extracts all you have to do with is take 1g of the extract for every 4-5g of regular Kratom Powder that you may have had otherwise and wait 10-15 minutes for the effects to show. On the flip side, you should be using a quarter of a tincture per serving for liquid extracts. After waiting 10 minutes for effects to show, you can add 2-3 more drops to the mix. With 6-8 grams of extracts in each bottle, you would need more than one bottle for long term use.

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